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Charlie Hebdo False Flag

Charlie Hebdo False Flag x 2
Sandra Barr 

Charlie Hebdo director Stephane Charbonnier (Charb)
Attack 1: November 2, 2011      
Attack 2: January 7, 2015

Please note, much of the information that I have gathered for this article, has been taken from European websites, mostly French, you will need a translation service to read the links posted. Also if you click on an image it will enlarge.

There are an awful lot of things about the Charlie Hebdo Affair, which would very much suggest that it was a staged event. For the purpose of this blog, I will be examining just a few of the points.

1: Addresses given for Charlie Hebdo
2: The state of Charlie Hebdo’s finances
 3: Charlie Hebdo and the Rothschild’s
4: Lets all go to Peru
5. Charlie Hebdo and the Zionist Agenda
6. Je Suis Charlie

 1. Addresses given for Charlie Hebdo

Entrance at 10 Rue Nicolas Appert
 When I first started investigating Charlie Hebdo (CH) I soon became totally confused about their address. Their address on the day of the attack was Number 10 Nicolas Appert 75011. I studied the entire area around that address, and the building itself as well as I could from Google Earth. The press published a lot of pictures of the CH staff prior to January 7, 2015, none of the pictures had been taken at number 10 Nicolas Appert. I have not been able to find one picture of any CH staff member at number 10 Rue Nicolas Appert.

To establish what pictures had been taken where; I used the floor coverings and windows as a guide.

The offices at 44 Rue Turbigo

The first address that I will examine is 44 Rue Turbigo 75003. According to a Paris business directory they were resident at that address until 17/10/11. Near all the pics that were shown in the press of the CH staff were taken in this building, and I can prove that they were there from at lest 2007.

Offices at 56-62 Boulevard Davout after the attack.
 In 2011 the Charlie Hebdo offices were allegedly attacked by Islamic fundamentalists, the date of the attack was 2/11/11. The address that was attacked was 56-62 Boulevard Davout.
The same Paris directory has them officially leaving that building on 2/12/11. I could find no pictures of them at this address prior to the attack.

In the 2011 attack a Molotov Cocktail, also known as a petrol bomb, was thrown into the building.

So, 44 Rue Turbigo was their address until October 17, the attack was 16 days later on November 2.
26 Rue Serpollet, taken from Google Earth.

After the alleged attack, they moved to 26 Rue Serpollet. They officially moved to Rue Serpollet on 2/12/2011. Dates vary on different directories.

There are various references on the net to them being at 26 Rue Serpollet, right up until June 2014. In June 2014, a French blogger “Mardi”, published an article about CH, the main point of the article was to point out that CH shared the building at 26 Rue Serpollet with the “Prefecture de Police de Paris”. The bloggers point was that the subversive CH was in the same building as the Head of Police in Paris! Link

On various business directories, it was listed that they moved from 26 Rue Serpollet to 10 Nicolas Appert on July 1, 2014. That would have had them resident at 10 Nicolas Appert for 5 months when the alleged shooting happened. However……..It would seem that the day before the shooting, January 6, 2015, the staff at CH spent the whole day on Paris business directory sites, changing their address status from Rue Serpollent to Rue Nicolas Appert!
On this Paris business directory, the address of CH was changed on January 6, 2015, this was the day previous to the attack.

Within weeks of the January 7, 2015 attack, they announced they had found new premises; their new address is 26 Rue Serpollet!!!!!

This is not a new address to them, this is the address they have been using from December 2011! As already established, it is also the address of the Head of Police!
This directory has them moving straight from Rue Turbigo to Rue Serpollet, no mention of Boulevard Davout.

This business directory has them at  44 Turbigo until  December 2, 2011, this was one month after the first attack. It also states that they did not move into Nicolas Appert until late August 2014.

So, to summarize, CH were resident at 44 Rue Turbigo, just prior to the 2011 attack, they allegedly moved premises to 56-62 Boulevard Devout, after the said attack, they moved to 26 Rue Serpollet.

Just before the January 7, 2015 attack, they moved to 10 Nicolas Appert, after the attack they moved back to 26 Rue Serpollet!

It is my honest opinion, that Charlie Hebdo was never located at either Boulevard Devout, or 10 Rue Nicolas Appert, I think both of these addresses were used to stage false flag events that would incite hatred towards Muslims, and give governments an excuse to impose draconian laws on the people.

2: The state of Charlie Hebdo’s finances.

It would seem that publishing cartoons of the Prophet Mohamed was a nice little earner for CH. Their stupid magazine was juvenile, vulgar, and offensive to anyone anywhere that had any religious beliefs. (except Jews) I do not follow any religion, and I found their depictions of Jesus, the Virgin Mary and the Prophet Mohammed extremely offensive. Their magazine was first created just after the first gulf war, and if they were given a brief by intelligence services, it was to spread fear of Muslims, and create divides between religions. They were frequently accused of serving the Zionist agenda, and going ever so lightly on Israel and Jews.

According to the French Wikipedia page for Charlie Hebdo, in December 2014, they were €200,000 in debt. To stay afloat they needed to be selling at least 35,000 copies a week, but most weeks they were lucky to sell 30,000 copies of the 45,000 they had printed. To save themselves from bankruptcy the majority share holder, manager, director and cartoonist Stephane Charbonnier made an appeal for donations. This was not the first time that Charbonnier had made such an appeal.

On January 13, 2015, the CH team unveiled the next issue of Charlie Hebdo, issue no 1178.
(Attack 7/1/15, issue 1178, mysterious graffiti appeared on the Georgia Guidestones around September 2014, “GAME ON 711”, the “711” was repeated all over the stones, I will cover this in more detail in part 2) Link to my blog about the Stones and the graffiti, the graffiti section is about half way down.
This is a small selection of the 711 graffiti that appeared on the Georgia Guide-stones round about September last year.
7 million copies have been printed.
It has been translated into numerous languages and it has been shipped far and wide. At €3 a copy, that amounts to €21 Million!

 The US press have been promoting it shamelessly; they have shown some of the milder cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, they have not shown the cartoons that CH published of the Prophet naked committing vulgar acts. They have also failed to show the American public the disgusting cartoons that CH have published in the past of Jesus, namely one of Jesus sodomizing God, and Jesus being sodomized by an Illuminati pyramid with an eye in it. “Father, Son and Holy Spirit” was the caption.

The event on January 7 has served CH well, they have been given endless global publicity, Islamaphobics all over the world are signing up for an annual subscription, of course they will be cancelling their subscription as soon as they realise that CH attacks Jesus as frequently as they attack Mohammed, and we may even see a third staged event! As fund raisers go January 7 has been epic for them.

Now back to the first attack:
The western main stream press coverage of the CH event has been disgraceful, most have just repeated rubbish published by some of the larger papers, and often they just reported propaganda and downright lies, I have seen no journalistic integrity, and I have seen no journalist questioning some of the obvious flaws in the official version. There has only been one exception, a French website called Panamza, they have been publishing some great articles, they have been reporting on the crisis actor girlfriend of Charbonnier, Jeannette Bougrab, and they have been investigating the apparent suicide of the Police Inspector in charge of the case, on the same day as the alleged attack. Link

When I started this article, I was already aware that just prior to the November 2, 2011 attack, CH were in financial difficulties.  On November, 5, 2014 Panamza published an article examining CH’s finances back to prior to the 2011 attack. The following information is from that article. Link

In the aftermath of the 2011 attack, CH collected €30,000 in donations in just two months!

Here is a breakdown of CH’s finances from just prior to the first attack

31/12/2010    -€507,563 in the red

The attack was on 2/11/11, 59 days later....

31/12/11 €655,270 in the black.

By 31/12/2012 the surplus generated from the first attack was long gone; they were €97,248 in the black on this date, their funds at this time were probably due to an urgent appeal made the previous September.

And by 31/12/2013 they were - € 51,000.

As I have already stated, just previous to the event on January 7, 2015, they were 
- €200,000

If anyone cares to check these figures, Charlie Hebdo trades under the Holding Company Rotary Editions or Les Editions Rotary. They are a PLC Limited Company.
Their company registration number (Siret in French) is 3885 41336
Stephane Charbonnier and Eric Porteault are named as the company directors
The official name of the magazine is Charlie Hebdo Hara Kiri. Company established 22/9/92

In September 2011 CH was hard up for cash, sales were dwindling and they were in considerable debt. A plan was hatched to keep them afloat and get them out of the red. Their plan involved the Prophet of Islam, their November 2 Issue was re-named “Charia Hebdo”, Muhammad was listed as the Editor in Chief, and pretty much the whole issue was an attack on Islam. Making this issue as offensive as possible meant they could attack their own offices, then blame it on Islamic fundamentalists.
(Issued 2/11/11, issue number 1011!)

It is alleged that around 1am on November 2, 2011, a single Molotov Cocktail was thrown through the window at 56-62 Boulevard Davout. The ensuing fire was quickly put out according to Police. At the time no one was arrested, and no one claimed responsibility.

The Charlie Hebdo staff, primarily Charbonnier was quick to blame Islamic Fundamentalists, even though there was no evidence that it was Islamic fundamentalists. Given the state of CH’s finances at the time, the word on the street was that it was an “insurance job”. 

From this time onwards, Charbonnier was given 24 hour police protection. In the wake of the 2015 attack, to demonstrate that Charlie Hebdo had 24 hour police protection, the press published photographs of two French police officers outside the Charlie Hebdo offices, the pictures they showed were the offices at 44Rue Turbigo, which were the premises that CH occupied prior to the 2011 attack.

Offices at 44 Rue Turbigo.

Now, I am from Northern Ireland, I lived through 30 years of bombs and bullets, so I probably know a little more than your average Joe about bombs. A Molotov Cocktail is petrol in a glass bottle, the CH attack was a wine bottle. The petrol can be mixed with various substances. When ignited and thrown, the bottle smashes, and petrol mixture ignites and a fireball is created. IT DOES NOT CREATE AN EXPLOSION, IT CREATES A FIREBALL.

The above picture is a house in Belfast that had a single petrol bomb thrown through the window. As can be seen, the whole place was torched.

As soon as I seen the photographs from the 2011 CH attack, I knew a petrol bomb had not created the damage shown. A petrol bomb could have created the minor blackening seen in the photograph taken inside the building, it would not have created an explosion, so how did all those boxes and other stuff get outside the building? And why did it not all burn?

There is only one way they could have got there, someone put them there to make the attack look worse than it was.

The inside of the CH offices after the Petrol bomb attack. How come the wall is blackened but all that paper did not ignite? A petrol bomb would have scorched everything in the room it landed. Also, note the conference table and chairs, they were completely undamaged.

The day after the fire Patrick Pelloux, stated that “Everything is destroyed”. Pelloux is an A&E doctor and he writes a column for CH.

Charbonnier also stated that their computer and pretty much every thing else was destroyed.

In the picture taken inside the bombed office, you can see their conference table, they had this table when they were at 44 Rue Turbigo, when they were resident at 26 Rue Serpellet, after the 2011 attack, they also had this same conference table. In a small space a petrol bomb will pretty much torch everything in the room, so how come the conference table was not damaged?

Two months later a specialized news website o1net.entreprises, published an interview with Jean-Francois Beuze, Bauzes is the President of Sifaris, the IT Company in charge of CH’s computers. Talking about the CH firebomb attack he said that the computer cabinet had been placed somewhere where it would have been safe in the event of fire or a flood; as a result there was no damage to the computer. He also said that paper records were intact and had just suffered from a little soot. He also said that the computer had heat sensors, when it was restarted he seen there had been no rise in temperature! Link

It is not on public record how much CH received in insurance after the alleged petrol bomb.

On September 21, 2012, Algerian born business man Rachid Nekkaz offered to buy a 51% share of CH. Nekkaz is a multimillionaire who was raised in France. He is a well known Muslim activist, and on 21/9/12, he made a very public bid to buy shares in CH, he offered €700,000, his bid was declined.  His public statement at that time referred to the financial difficulties that CH were experiencing at the time, which would indicate that the large cash injection they received after the 2011 attack was already gone. Link

3: Charlie Hebdo and the Rothschild’s
Right after the 7/1 attack, various sources reported that CH was owned by the Rothschild’s, this is incorrect, I have found no evidence that the Rothschild’s own CH. However, they have on two occasions enjoyed the hospitality of the Rothschild’s.

The daily French newspaper “LibĂ©ration” is owned by Édouard de Rothschild, the papers logo features the infamous Rothschild red shield. After the 2011 attack CH were resident in Liberation's Head Offices for two months. After the 2015 attack, the CH staff again moved into the offices of Liberation, and they gave various press conferences from those offices.

 Left: Edouard de Rothschild

It would seem that those nasty old Al Qaeda terrorists must have destroyed the computers at CH, as they all now seem to have brand new Apple Mac desktop PC’s. Of the donations to CH that have been reported, the Guardian Media Group donated £100,000, and Google (digital Media Fund) donated £195,000. Source

Al Qaeda was established by the CIA, they were armed, funded and controlled by the CIA, they are still used by the CIA to maintain the "war on terror". To sustain this war they have to frequently stage "terror" attacks. This gives them justification to carry on invading Middle Eastern countries, and impose draconian "anti-terror" laws.
After the first attack, there was no evidence that Islamic fundamentalists carried out the attack, so for the second attack the "terrorists" made sure to identify themselves, they shouted that they were Al Qaeda Yemen, and they threw in a few "Allahu Akbar's", incredibly they also left their ID's in the car they used!!!

The CH staff at the offices loaned to them by Liberation

Notice the Liberation logo with the Rothschild's red shield, also the smiling Obama and "YES!"

4: Lets all go to Peru
Now…to hypothesis a little, just say that Mossad, the CIA and French Intelligence Services were to stage a false flag, the objective of the false flag being that draconian laws could be implemented under the guise of “anti terror laws”, they would first of all need anti-Islamic participants, that would be happy to go along with their plan.

If the participants were in considerable debt and facing bankruptcy, it was be a good incentive to get them to go along with the plan. Say for instance they were €200,000 in debt, with no obvious escape from their rising debts.

Say the a fore mentioned Intelligence Services were to approach a small Islam bashing weekly magazine, who were about to fold with crippling debts, and offer them a way out, say for instance to fake their deaths, and then go and live in luxury somewhere away from the location of the staged deaths.

The planners of the said staged attack, with their contacts in the media could promise with certainty that a fund would be created to sustain the alleged victims while in exile.

But who would agree to such a dastardly plan…satirists with a warped sense of reality and humour maybe?

But where would they go?

Elsa Cayat in Peru
 On January 12, 2015, five days after the alleged attack, the UK Independent published a story about one of the alleged victims, Elsa Cayat. Elsa was the only woman to allegedly die in the attack, the other victims were killed because they worked for CH, but not Elsa, she was killed because she was a Jew, this of course strengthens Netantahu’s claims that Jews are not safe in Europe, and they must all return to the safety of the homeland, where they can occupy the land and homes of the indigenous population, the Palestinian’s,  and live in complete safety. 

Cayat was an eminent French psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, she had a private practice that served the upper end of French society and their mental health problems. She also wrote a fortnightly column for CH. Her cousin Sophie Bramly was interviewed by the Independent, I fear Sophie might have unintentionally let something slip, at the very end of the report, the Independent mentioned something of great importance, they mentioned that last summer (2014), Sophie traveled to Peru with Stephane Charbonnier, and other CH “contributors”, contributors as opposed to contributor, which would suggest that at least 2 other CH employees joined her and Charbonnier on the trip.

George Wolinski
 George Wolinski a cartoonist at CH was also Jewish, odd that a magazine that claimed to be Atheist and Secular had at least two Jews on the payroll!
This is the actual words used by the Independent about the trip:
“Never averse to investigating her own psyche, last summer Cayat flew with Charbonnier and other Charlie Hebdo contributors to Peru, with the intention of ingesting peyote. Returning from South America, she became a proselytiser for the substance, recommending it to her 86-year-old aunt.” Source Indepnedent

Screen shot from the Independent

So we have a small weekly magazine that is struggling to sell 30,000 copies a week, they are €200,000 in debt and moving premises, yet they have the time and the funds for at least four of them to travel to Peru last summer!!!!! 
Elsa Cayat German Wikipedia Confirms the trip to Peru

Are we to believe that at least four CH employees investigating and ingesting peyote in Peru, would benefit the Charlie Hebdo magazine to the extent that the trip warranted such a huge expense?

Bernard Maris
Given the state of CH’s finances, it is a little surprising to find that one of their columnists, and a 1% shareholder, Bernard Maris, was considered one of France’s top economists. Maris also allegedly died in the 7/1 attack.

As well as writing for CH, Maris had quite a few other strings to his bow, this is just a few bits from his Wikipedia page:

 Bernard Maris was initiated at Roger Leray lodge in Paris (Grand Orient de France) in 2008

At the time of his death, he was a professor at the Institute of European studies of the University of Paris VIII. He also taught microeconomics at the University of Iowa in the United States and the Central Bank of Peru.
 Left: emblem of the Grand Orient de France, note the pyramid and rays are the sames as the emblem CH had coming out of Jesus's anus.

On 21 December 2011, Jean-Pierre Bel, president of the Senate, appointed him a member of the General Council of the Banque de France. Source

NB, please note, Maris was appointed to "member of the General Council of the Banque de France less than two months after the first alleged attack on 2/11/11

I have not been able to establish his rank in the Grand Orient de France, their Wikipedia page boasts that they carry influence at the very top levels of French Government.  Grand Orient de France Wikipedia

Another alleged victim on 7/1 was Michael Renaud, who was reported as being a “guest” of CH that day, he was also a member of The Grand Orient de France.

So here we have a Freemason, who is a member of the General Council of the Banque de France, and an adviser/Professor at the Central bank of Peru, and a CH columnist and shareholder! What an odd mix. As a professor of the Central Bank of Peru, one would assume he made frequent trips to Peru.

I expect if you wanted to disappear for a while, Peru would be as good a place as any to get lost.

5. Charlie Hebdo and the Zionist Agenda

Bernard Henri Levy enjoying the 2/11/11 issue of Charlie Hebdo. Levy is an infamous Zionist

As previously mentioned the cartoonist George Wolinski, and columnist Elsa Cayat were committed Jews. While frequently attacking Islam and Christianity CH published nothing that could have been considered offensive to Jews.

Philippe Val was Stephane Charbonnier’s mentor, in 1992 Val was one of the creators of CH, in 2004 Val was the editor and director of CH, he denounced the dangers of Islamic ideology and published offensive cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. Source

In 2008 Val sacked the cartoonist Sine for making what he deemed an anti-Semitic comment in his column. Sine had suggested that Sarkozy’s son, who had just married a Jew, had married her as it would benefit him in life. Val demanded he apologize for the comment, Sine refused and stated that he would rather cut his balls off, Val sacked him.

Sine sued CH for wrongful dismissal, in 2010 Sine won his case, and CH was ordered to pay him €40,000 in compensation. Val had already left CH at that time, and Charbonnier had taken over his position as editor and director.

After 7/1 Liberation, (Rothschild’s newspaper) published an article about Charbonnier, it reiterated the same vomit that we have been hearing since 7/1, what a hero Charbonnier was for freedom of speech etc. Interestingly it also added that Charbonnier believed that anyone who questioned the holocaust should be banned immediately and they should have their balls cut off! Source Liberation

 Clearly Charbonnier thought freedom of speech, should only be the prerogative of people who had the same beliefs as he did.

Also, I have been studying this whole affair for a few weeks now, they only pics I have seen of Charbonnier were run of the mill press shots, I have only seen one photo that could be classed as a profession shot, taken by a specialist photographer, interestingly it was in the above Liberation (Rothschild) link. Charb seems to have went all Lady GaGa, and one eye is shaded out, now do we think that Charb maybe had conjunctivitis and he wanted to hide a blood shot eye....or do we think he is telling us something with the obvious Illuminati symbolic gesture? Very very telling!

6: Je Suis Charlie
Every good false flag needs a good slogan, right after the attack the Charlie Hebdo website went down, within an hour it was back up again and the home page displayed "JE SUIS CHARLIE". A PDF of Je Suis Charlie in seven languages was added a short time later!

HELLO!!! Are we to believe that right after the massacre, a surviving member of the Charlie Hebdo staff had the wherewithal to take the website down, think up a slogan, then put the website back up with the slogan. Then add a PDF with it in seven languages? Was this done by someone in the office who witnessed the massacre? Or was it done by a web master outside the office? Either way it completely stretches the bounds of credibility.

The slogan now has its own page on Wikipedia, I kid you not! Link 

With that I will sign off, there will be a part 2, I am in the process of analyzing the numerology, strategic locations and occult significance, I will hopefully have that up within the next week.

Sandra Barr 

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Sunday, 30 November 2014

The Declaration of Arbroath and Rh Negative Blood

The Declaration of Arbroath

 When I was young I remember seeing a TV programme, and white people were referred to as Caucasians, I asked my Father why white people were called Caucasians, and he told me that white people were thought to have come from the Caucasus Mountains.

Of course these days white people are all called “Caucasian”, but few scholars think that white people came from the Caucasus Mountains. I have spent a great deal of my adult life studying the origins of civilisation, the oldest civilization known presently is Sumeria, the Caucasus Mountain area has never been adequately excavated, the whole area is a wash with ancient Dolmens and other structures, those qualified to unlock the secrets of the Caucasus Mountains seem to have no interest in doing so.

 The above video is 7.39 minutes, and it looks at the Dolmens on and around the Caucasus Mountains.
The area circled in blue is the Caucasus Mountains within Scythia.

The area of North Eastern Europe that takes in the Caucasus Mountains was known to the Greeks as Scythia. Over the last few months I have been studying the ancient Sumerian civilisation…then a few weeks ago I got side tracked with a personal project. I began researching my Family tree, for now I have circumstantial evidence that links my family to the Scottish Clan Leslie, my research on this is on going, and in due course if I find more solid evidence I will publish my findings.

I decided to publish this short blog, because my research into the Leslie Clan brought me to the Declaration of Arbroath, I expect few people outside of Scotland have ever heard of this declaration, it was penned in Latin in 1320, and Bernard of Kilwinning, the then Chancellor of Scotland and Abbot of Arbroath at Arbroath Abbey is believed to have been it’s author.

To the left: King Robert the Bruce with some of the earls and Barons that sealed the declaration. Bruce is referred to in the declaration as Lord Robert.


 The declaration is dated 6 April 1320, and it was addressed to Pope John XXII, the Pope had already recognised Edward I of England’s right to rule Scotland, and the declaration implores the Pope to recognise Scotland as a separate independent nation. It carries the seals of eight Earls and forty-five Barons, including Andrew Leslie one of my probable ancestors, this is what brought me to the Declaration of Arbroath.

Left Pope John XXII


This declaration is of interest for many reasons, and the main point of interest, that various authors have covered, is that Kings do not rule by Divine Right, they rule to serve the people, and the people’s interests, and should they fail in their task, then the people had every right to depose and replace them. The following text from the declaration is probably the most well known section, it is referring to Robert the Bruce:

“Yet if he should give up what he has begun, and agree to make us or our kingdom subject to the King of England or the English, we should exert ourselves at once to drive him out as our enemy and a subverter of his own rights and ours, and make some other man who was well able to defend us our King; for, as long as but a hundred of us remain alive, never will we on any conditions be brought under English rule.

 It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom — for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.”

 The first paragraph states who the declaration is addressed to, and the dignitaries who have sealed it. The second paragraph has the most astonishing opening, and all of the authors who have written a commentary on the declaration just brush over it with little or no comment.
Left, some of the the seals of the Earls and Barons that hang from the declaration.

It begins:

Most Holy Father and Lord, we know and from the chronicles and books of the ancients we find that among other famous nations our own, the Scots, has been graced with widespread renown. They journeyed from Greater Scythia by way of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Pillars of Hercules, and dwelt for a long course of time in Spain among the most savage tribes, but nowhere could they be subdued by any race, however barbarous. Thence they came, twelve hundred years after the people of Israel crossed the Red Sea, to their home in the west where they still live today. The Britons they first drove out, the Picts they utterly destroyed, and, even though very often assailed by the Norwegians, the Danes and the English, they took possession of that home with many victories and untold efforts; and, as the historians of old time bear witness, they have held it free of all bondage ever since. In their kingdom there have reigned one hundred and thirteen kings of their own royal stock, the line unbroken a single foreigner.

I think this is a most extraordinary opening statement, and I am a little staggered that commentators of the declaration ignore it. They claim that they originated in Greater Scythia, then travelled to the Tyrrhenian Sea, The Pillars of Hercules, Spain, and eventually settled in Scotland. Greater Scythia as previously mentioned takes in the Caucasus Mountains.

NB: The full text of the Declaration of Arbroath is available at the very bottom of this blog.

Rhesus O Negative Blood

My blood group is Rhesus O negative, and many years ago I wondered if my blood group had any thing to do with my long list of allergies, so I ran “Rhesus O negative, Allergies”, through Google.

Well!!! I am still reading! Not only are my allergies common amongst Rh negative people, many of the other anomalies that make up me, are also common to rh negative people. Ie: hypersensitive smell, hearing, sight.

There also seems to be an innate desire amongst many rh negative people to know where they came from. When I read that opening paragraph in the Declaration of Arbroath, I had a light bulb moment, and much of my other research on various topics all of a sudden tied together.

The Basque people of Spain have an unusually high percentage of Rh Negative blood, DNA tests have confirmed a link between the Irish and the Basques, Ireland and Scotland also have a high percentage of people with Rh negative blood, it is not known where the Basques originated, but one of the possible areas is the Caucasus Mountains.
Caucasus Mountain Range

The author of the declaration of Arbroath clearly believed this to be the linage of his people, or he would not have written it. Most commentators on the declaration either ignore this opening paragraph, or dismiss it, here is one example by Andrew Prebble:

“Above the seals of eight earls and forty-five barons, it asked for the Pope's dispassionate intervention in the bloody quarrel between the Scots and the English, and so that he might understand the difference between the two its preamble gave him a brief history of the former. The laughable fiction of this is irrelevant

“The laughable fiction of this is irrelevant”! Really Andrew! I wonder how long Andrew spent researching this? He offers no documentary evidence to back-up his outlandish statement.

My friend Antonia Leslie is a descendant of the illustrious Clan Leslie, one of the things we have in common is our rare O negative blood group. Existing DNA testing has indeed linked the Basques to the Scots/Irish, the high incidence of Rh O negative blood among the afore mentioned races also links them. 

Where the Basques originated from remains a mystery, but certainly the Caucasus Mountains is high on the list of probabilities, so the opening statement in the Declaration of Arbroath is not quite the “laughable fiction” that Andrew Preebles would have us believe.

The Journey

To give you an idea of the journey outlined by Bernard de Linton in the Declaration of Arbroath, I have mapped it on Google Earth.

They travelled from Greater Scythia to the Tyrrhenian Sea,  if we look at either side of the journey line we have Corsica in the Tyrrhenian Sea, Morocco, the Atlas Mountains, the Canary Islands and in Northern Eastern Spain the Basque region.

These are all areas with a high incidence of Rhesus Negative blood!

The journey that Bernard outlined, perfectly maps the journey of Rhesus Negative people!

The rhesus negative blood type was not identified until 1937, Bernard de Linton authoring the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320 would have known nothing about it, yet he has very accurately given the trajectory of one of the lines of O rh negative people. Naturally other lines travelled to other parts of the globe, although the most significant journey of the Rh Negative people, seems to be along the course that Bernard outlined.

I think this deserves further study and research; I really just wanted my observations on this matter on the net as no one else has looked at it. The Declaration of Arbroath is already recognised as a very important historical document, yet its opening paragraph has not been examined until now.

The Pillars of Hercules

In my investigation of this matter, I stumbled on something of interest “The Pillars of Hercules” is a phrase that from antiquity referred to the Northern Pillar, which was the Rock of Gibraltar, and a Southern corresponding peak in North Africa, the latter being the lesser of the peaks. Jebel Musa in Morocco is one of the most likely locations for the Northern Peak.

 Charles V was the King of Spain and impresario of the Holy Roman Empire, he had the pillars incorporated on the Spanish Coat of Arms, shown as actual pillars, obviously this is the same as the Masonic Jachin and Boaz Pillars. Freemasonry began in Scotland and spread across the world, the pivotal point in every Masonic Temple is between the two pillars……could this possibly be connected to the journey they believe they took to Scotland via the Pillars of Hercules? 

"All Masonic lodges have these two pillars at some location in their architecture. In the earliest Lodges, they were said to represent far more ancient pillars, supposedly erected by “the children of Lamech.” 
On those ancient pillars -- one of brick, one of stone -- were said to be engraved all the then known sciences to preserve them from destruction “by fire or inundation.” As such, they symbolized the esoteric importance of the knowledge of the builder's (mason’s) art, to be guarded and preserved by future faithful craftsmen. Simply put, according to Masonic legend, “the children of Lamech” were the inhabitants of Atlantis. This information, passed down from that prior highly advanced civilization, is supposed to form the basis of the Masonic secrets “from the ancient times.” Link

The pillars from the COA’s later appeared on the Spanish Dollar, and the American Dollar derived from the Spanish Dollar, so the two lines on the US dollar, are in fact the Pillars of Hercules! The COA’s bears the motto Plus Ultra, Latin for Further Beyond. Used on the COA’s they represent an entrance to the rest of the world, as opposed to the gateway to the Mediterranean.

Esoterically the pillars have been seen as the gateway to some kind of extraterrestrial portal, and if you look at the Wikipedia page for possible sites for Atlantis, you will see the map below, the yellow dots pretty much encircle part of the journey Bernard outlined for his people!
Link: hypothesized locations for Atlantis

And with that I will sign off.

Sandra Barr
Update 01/12/14:
Eureka! After publishing this blog, a facebook friend sent me this link, DNA testing has indeed linked the Scots with the Sythians! 

Excerpt:"it is not just linguistic connection but also connection by common genetic origin - haplogroups R1a and I2a2....
note also that I2a2 in Greece is also strongest in Dorian settled areas of Peloponese and ancient Macedonia... I would expect some or dominant DIsles among the I2a2 found there... btw. look also again at R1a distribution... R1a in area of antic Macedonia is much stronger than among south Slavic nations north of it (FYRM, Bulgaria, Serbia...)

anyway, we can clearly see that mix of R1a and I2a2 is not recent... that it existed among Scythians long time ago...before a tribe from Scythia departed to Spain and from there to Scotland and northeast Ireland."

For anyone with a serious interest in discovering where the Rh Negative blood came from, this information directly links the Scots and Basques to the ancient Scthians . As Rh Negative blood is common in these groups, this gives us ancient Scythia as the point of common origin. The ancient Dolmens on the Caucasus Mountains that I began this blog with, could well be the ancestral home of the rh negative people.

Maybe they came there from somewhere else....maybe not, but we now at least have sound evidence that our ancestors came from that area, and it deserves further investigation.

The Declaration of Arbroath 1320 — English Translation

To the most Holy Father and Lord in Christ, the Lord John, by divine providence Supreme Pontiff of the Holy Roman and Universal Church, his humble and devout sons Duncan, Earl of Fife, Thomas Randolph, Earl of Moray, Lord of Man and of Annandale, Patrick Dunbar, Earl of March, Malise, Earl of Strathearn, Malcolm, Earl of Lennox, William, Earl of Ross, Magnus, Earl of Caithness and Orkney, and William, Earl of Sutherland; Walter, Steward of Scotland, William Soules, Butler of Scotland, James, Lord of Douglas, Roger Mowbray, David, Lord of Brechin, David Graham, Ingram Umfraville, John Menteith, guardian of the earldom of Menteith, Alexander Fraser, Gilbert Hay, Constable of Scotland, Robert Keith, Marischal of Scotland, Henry St Clair, John Graham, David Lindsay, William Oliphant, Patrick Graham, John Fenton, William Abernethy, David Wemyss, William Mushet, Fergus of Ardrossan, Eustace Maxwell, William Ramsay, William Mowat, Alan Murray, Donald Campbell, John Cameron, Reginald Cheyne, Alexander Seton, Andrew Leslie, and Alexander Straiton, and the other barons and freeholders and the whole community of the realm of Scotland send all manner of filial reverence, with devout kisses of his blessed feet.

Most Holy Father and Lord, we know and from the chronicles and books of the ancients we find that among other famous nations our own, the Scots, has been graced with widespread renown. They journeyed from Greater Scythia by way of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Pillars of Hercules, and dwelt for a long course of time in Spain among the most savage tribes, but nowhere could they be subdued by any race, however barbarous. Thence they came, twelve hundred years after the people of Israel crossed the Red Sea, to their home in the west where they still live today. The Britons they first drove out, the Picts they utterly destroyed, and, even though very often assailed by the Norwegians, the Danes and the English, they took possession of that home with many victories and untold efforts; and, as the historians of old time bear witness, they have held it free of all bondage ever since. In their kingdom there have reigned one hundred and thirteen kings of their own royal stock, the line unbroken a single foreigner. 

The high qualities and deserts of these people, were they not otherwise manifest, gain glory enough from this: that the King of kings and Lord of lords, our Lord Jesus Christ, after His Passion and Resurrection, called them, even though settled in the uttermost parts of the earth, almost the first to His most holy faith. Nor would He have them confirmed in that faith by merely anyone but by the first of His Apostles — by calling, though second or third in rank — the most gentle Saint Andrew, the Blessed Peter's brother, and desired him to keep them under his protection as their patron forever.

The Most Holy Fathers your predecessors gave careful heed to these things and bestowed many favours and numerous privileges on this same kingdom and people, as being the special charge of the Blessed Peter's brother. Thus our nation under their protection did indeed live in freedom and peace up to the time when that mighty prince the King of the English, Edward, the father of the one who reigns today, when our kingdom had no head and our people harboured no malice or treachery and were then unused to wars or invasions, came in the guise of a friend and ally to harass them as an enemy. 

The deeds of cruelty, massacre, violence, pillage, arson, imprisoning prelates, burning down monasteries, robbing and killing monks and nuns, and yet other outrages without number which he committed against our people, sparing neither age nor sex, religion nor rank, no one could describe nor fully imagine unless he had seen them with his own eyes.

But from these countless evils we have been set free, by the help of Him Who though He afflicts yet heals and restores, by our most tireless Prince, King and Lord, the Lord Robert. He, that his people and his heritage might be delivered out of the hands of our enemies, met toil and fatigue, hunger and peril, like another Macabaeus or Joshua and bore them cheerfully. 

Him, too, divine providence, his right of succession according to or laws and customs which we shall maintain to the death, and the due consent and assent of us all have made our Prince and King. To him, as to the man by whom salvation has been wrought unto our people, we are bound both by law and by his merits that our freedom may be still maintained, and by him, come what may, we mean to stand. Yet if he should give up what he has begun, and agree to make us or our kingdom subject to the King of England or the English, we should exert ourselves at once to drive him out as our enemy and a subverter of his own rights and ours, and make some other man who was well able to defend us our King; for, as long as but a hundred of us remain alive, never will we on any conditions be brought under English rule. It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom — for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.

Therefore it is, Reverend Father and Lord, that we beseech your Holiness with our most earnest prayers and suppliant hearts, inasmuch as you will in your sincerity and goodness consider all this, that, since with Him Whose vice-gerent on earth you are there is neither weighing nor distinction of Jew and Greek, Scotsman or Englishman, you will look with the eyes of a father on the troubles and privation brought by the English upon us and upon the Church of God. May it please you to admonish and exhort the King of the English, who ought to be satisfied with what belongs to him since England used once to be enough for seven kings or more, to leave us Scots in peace, who live in this poor little Scotland, beyond which there is no dwelling-place at all, and covet nothing but our own. We are sincerely willing to do anything for him, having regard to our condition, that we can, to win peace for ourselves. 

This truly concerns you, Holy Father, since you see the savagery of the heathen raging against the Christians, as the sins of Christians have indeed deserved, and the frontiers of Christendom being pressed inward every day; and how much it will tarnish your Holiness's memory if (which God forbid) the Church suffers eclipse or scandal in any branch of it during your time, you must perceive. Then rouse the Christian princes who for false reasons pretend that they cannot go to help of the Holy Land because of wars they have on hand with their neighbours. 

The real reason that prevents them is that in making war on their smaller neighbours they find quicker profit and weaker resistance. But how cheerfully our Lord the King and we too would go there if the King of the English would leave us in peace, He from Whom nothing is hidden well knows; and we profess and declare it to you as the Vicar of Christ and to all Christendom. But if your Holiness puts too much faith in the tales the English tell and will not give sincere belief to all this, nor refrain from favouring them to our prejudice, then the slaughter of bodies, the perdition of souls, and all the other misfortunes that will follow, inflicted by them on us and by us on them, will, we believe, be surely laid by the Most High to your charge.

To conclude, we are and shall ever be, as far as duty calls us, ready to do your will in all things, as obedient sons to you as His Vicar; and to Him as the Supreme King and Judge we commit the maintenance of our cause, casting our cares upon Him and firmly trusting that He will inspire us with courage and bring our enemies to nought. May the Most High preserve you to his Holy Church in holiness and health and grant you length of days.
Given at the monastery of Arbroath in Scotland on the sixth day of the month of April in the year of grace thirteen hundred and twenty and the fifteenth year of the reign of our King aforesaid.
Endorsed: Letter directed to our Lord the Supreme Pontiff by the community of Scotland.

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